Ethiopia Trip

Ethiopia FAQ’s

What will we be doing in Ethiopia?
The primary focus of this short term service trip will be to teach english to kids part of the Bring Love In homes in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Think summer-camp-style English games, lessons, and of course, soccer!

How much does a trip cost?
$3,000.00 is the base price of the trip.  (It is possible the cost may increase slightly due to plane ticket prices). Your trip will cost more if you need a passport and/or current shots.

Is a passport required?
Yes. Traveling outside the United States requires an up-to-date passport.

Do I need shots?
Yes. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has a list of shots they advise for travelers visiting Ethiopia. We will talk about this during our first team meeting, but you are welcome to visit the health center before then to begin the immunization process.

What is the age requirement to participate on this trip?
For this trip we asked the participants to be at least 16 years old. Participants are usually adults.

How do I sign up for a Short Term Trip to Ethiopia?
 Stay tuned for 2018 trip registration. 

You will need to fill out an application for approval. You may fill out an application here or get a paper application at a Sunday Worship Gathering.

Who is selected for trips?
Each trip requires a different set of criteria in their applicants. It is important that we place people on trips that would be the best fit to meet the trip needs. This could include looking for people with specific skill sets or experience or it may be a “newcomers” trip where we want those who are new to the world missions experience. Please keep in mind that we receive more applications than we have availability. Sometimes we simply don’t have enough room to take all applicants.

I’m a medical/dental professional, am I limited to participating in a medical/dental focused trip only?
No, people with your skills are needed on most trips!

Do I have to attend Journey Church?
You do not have to be a Journey Church member to travel with us to Ethiopia. We will be focused on learning from God in a new and different culture, as well as loving people in the same way he would if he were with us! With that said, those that attend Journey will be given a higher priority than those that don’t. You must be willing to attend and be an active part of the team meetings. (Approximately 6 meetings prior to departure, 4 meetings after your return.)

What happens to my application if I’m not chosen?
If you are not chosen, your application goes into a “waiting list.” If another trip leader is still looking for people for his or her team, then they may contact you to see if you are interested.

I did not receive a confirmation email. Did my application go through?
No. Please fill out the application again. You will receive a confirmation email once your application is submitted.
 We are no longer accepting applications for the 2017 trip. We will reopen the application process in 2018. 

What if you didn’t answer my question(s)?
Please check out our handbook here and if you still have questions, please email for more details.


Guiding Principles

Interested in our guiding principles for world outreach? Read more here »


Bright Hope School

Bright Hope School is a government funded school for 1st through 8th grade, and it’s located in the Korah area. There are over 2,000 students; the number of students who are orphans is around 300-500. The teachers pool their income to provide breakfast for 116 of the 1st – 4th grade orphans. There are 16 children in the school who are HIV positive.

The government funds the education of the students, but the extra services provided for the orphans come through outside sources. The Principal of the school shared his vision of helping these orphans in four phases.

The goal is to establish a fresh water source and a self-sustaining food supply for Bright Hope School. The garden/mini-farm is in development at this school for 2000+ very poor Ethiopian children. Most of the students have lost both or one of their parents to HIV/AIDS or Leprosy. By your partnering with Journey Church on this project, Bright Hope School can feed the children, teach the children a useful life skill and possibly sell excess vegetables and chickens.

1. Water – There is now CLEAN WATER for all students and staff of Bright Hope School. Praise God for the funds raised and a completed project! NEXT we’re working on funding THREE wells in Northern Ethiopia (Tigray) with Charity:Water. Pretty soon you will be able to see exactly where those wells have been dug!

2. Chicken Farm – By giving the orphans the skills to run a chicken farm they will learn a skill to provide food, extra chickens & eggs to sell, income to pay for a school uniform (without that they cannot attend the school) & medical care. This project would include 3 chicken houses (one for chicks, one for laying hens and one for cocks). The cost includes the purchase of incubators, water pipes, electricity, cereals, chick fodder, powdered gypsum, vitamins and other feed supplies. The cost of this project was $18,000 (each chicken house was about $6,000).

UPDATE: The costs of ALL three chicken houses have been met! Construction is finished, the chickens have been purchased and they’re producing almost 300 eggs/day. They are working out the chicken/egg ratio to break even and increase sustainability.

3. Vegetable Garden – Restoring 6,000 sq. meters (approximately 1 – acre) of open land for a large vegetable garden. This requires clearing the existing property of rocks and preparing the soil to be much more productive. It will require laying water pipes and electricity, buying vegetable seeds & fertilizers, and then hiring an administrator and part-time gardeners. Initial construction and hiring expenses = $21,000

UPDATE: This aspect of the project has been fully funded. The garden is growing and they are selling the produce!

4. Security Wall – Because this neighborhood is so poor, the first three projects will be compromised without a security wall around the property. There is a wall around the school that has breeches in it which need to be secured. They would like to build a 10′ high cinder block wall around the entire property. Cost of building a wall around the entire compound (approximately 13 acres) is $165,000-$190,000.

UPDATE: The wall is complete!

Brandon Edwards
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