Rapha Journey

RAPHA (Hebrew): to repair, restore, make whole.

Rapha is not just about healing… this journey is about becoming whole. God promises that He can bring lasting wholeness in every area of our lives, transforming us from our inner spirit outward. It is up to each of us to decide if we will partner with Him to become more of the true person we are created to be.


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Upcoming Events:


Changing Relationships: How to encourage, embrace and respond to change in yourself and others

When: February 26 from 6:30pm-9pm, Saturday February 27 from 9am-6:30pm (lunch included)
Where: The Commons at Baxter & Love
Cost: Free (There will be a freewill offering taken during the workshop to cover costs and to make a gift to Peter & Susan)
Registration: Register online here, email rapha@journeyweb.net or call 406-922-0190.

Change in relationships is guaranteed. Some is welcome – perhaps a new career opportunity, finding some healing or growing in faith. Some is more difficult, for example a child leaving home, moving house, or death of a loved one.

Do you cope well with change? Do you find yourself resisting it because of fear or denial. Or are you angry, triggering unhelpful reactions in others. Perhaps you set up unrealistic expectations for yourself and those you love. How can we really respond positively and help others to do the same?

In this workshop we will consider change from God’s perspective. We will explore the resources God gives us to deal with changing relationships and circumstances, as well as looking at the tools of social psychology to help us respond with anointing and maturity.

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Building trust with your child

When: Tuesday, March 8th 6:30-9pm (registration at 6pm)
Where: The Commons at Baxter & Love
Cost: Free! (A freewill offering will be taken during the workshop.)
Registration: Register online here, email rapha@journeyweb.net or call 406-922-0190.

Does your child trust you, and the promises you make? Are you able to bless your child or is your relationship strained because you don’t believe they are trustworthy?

In this workshop Peter and Susan will explore the complexities of trust between a parent and a child. They will help identify reasons why trust has failed and suggest some next steps to build a better relationship and mend the places of broken promises. This workshop will include practical tools to aid you in earning the trust of your child as well as helping your child become more trustworthy.