Rapha Journey

RAPHA (Hebrew): to repair, restore, make whole.

Rapha is not just about healing… this journey is about becoming whole. God promises that He can bring lasting wholeness in every area of our lives, transforming us from our inner spirit outward. It is up to each of us to decide if we will partner with Him to become more of the true person we are created to be.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Rapha, please contact us at rapha@journeyweb.net.  In addition, we also have a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we hope will be a helpful resource for you.


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Upcoming Workshops:

Out of Darkness into Hope: How Christ brings Freedom

When: Friday, February 24th (6:30-9pm) & Saturday, February 25 (9am-6pm)
Where: The Commons at Baxter & Love
Cost: Free! (A freewill offering will be taken during the workshop.)
Registration: Register online, email rapha@journeyweb.net or call 406-922-0190

Darkness is in and all around us – in movies and computer games, in the suffering that we and others experience, in our friendships and relationships. How should we respond to others’ encounters with darkness? What do we say to someone going through a tragedy? If someone has nightmares or our child has a friend who is frightened by ‘demons’, what response would be most helpful?  Do we know how sin and darkness clings to us, hides itself in us, sometimes even masquerading as goodness? How do we get rid of such damage.

God expects each of us to walk without fear, and bring His Light and hope into the dark places of the world around us. He wants us to be able to deal swiftly with the sin and darkness that encroaches into our own life, as well as help others do the same. In this workshop we will look at light and darkness from God’s perspective and what resources God gives us, for our own life, for our families and for those around us. We will explore the gift of discernment, the role of angels and we will learn together how to grow the maturity in Christ that allows us to ‘distinguish good from evil’ (Heb 5:14).

Download the workshop brochure for more information.


Women’s Weekend Away

When: April 7-9, 2017
Where: West Yellowstone, MT
Cost & Registration: For registration options and costs click here, email rapha@journeyweb.net or call 406-922-0190

The topic for the weekend is Peace and we will be looking at how to grow it, what steals it, Christ who is our Peace, Peace in ourselves and our relationships and much more.  More workshop details to follow…

Dr Susan Williams will be leading our weekend (and Dr Peter Holmes will make a guest appearance). There will be free time to pamper yourself with yoga, a swim in the pool or just relax away from home. You can also use this time to enjoy the local scenery or create space to unpack all that God is sharing with you. In addition, there will be diagnostics and support for any who have particular issues to address.

The weekend begins with dinner on Friday at 6:00pm (registration at 5:30pm) and will continue until Sunday at 11:00am. All workshop materials, meals, and accommodations are included in the cost.


Men’s Weekend Away

When: July 28-30, 2017
Where: Luccock Camp Park, Livingston MT
More details coming soon!

Other Upcoming Events

Rapha Missional Community (Community Evening)

Rapha is the Hebrew word for healing and wholeness. In our community we enjoy authentic relationships where its safe to be honest about where you are at. We share journeying together to pursue who God created us to be. We seek to reach out and welcome those who have need, whether historic or current. We share a meal, worship, testimonies of God breaking through and have a devotional.  We are kid-friendly, and welcome those who aren’t in a current relationship with the Lord.  Some of our community also meet in groups during the week to journey together.

We meet primarily at 4566 Cascade Street in Bozeman one Friday per month at 6pm.  We keep people updated on the exact date and location each month by email. If you are interested in getting on our email list, please contact Jenn at jenn.walker@journeyweb.net or 406-577-1740.

Our next gathering is Friday, February 17th.


Rapha Women’s Evening

Join us the first Thursday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm at The Commons where the Rapha Women’s Leadership Team will be creating space for us to meet each other and meet with God. The focus of our evening varies. You can expect a mixture that might include: testimonies, worship, fellowship, table discussions, Q&A panels, reflective time with God, etc.  We focus on encouraging authentic relationships, talking honestly together, and sharing tools for journeying into greater wholeness and deeper relationship with God.

If you have not been to a Rapha event this is the perfect place for you to come and meet those who are part of this ministry. All women are welcome!

Our next Women’s Evening is Thursday, February 2nd.


Men’s Prayer Meeting

Join us every Tuesday morning at 6:15am at The Commons for a weekly prayer meeting.  All men are welcome!


Men’s Open Rapha Group

The Men’s Open Rapha Group meets every other Tuesday evening at King Arthur Clubhouse [81 Gallahad Way].   The next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, February 14th, however it has been moved to Monday, February 13th at 6:30pm.  The normal schedule will resume on Tuesday, February 28th.

If you are wanting some help on your discipleship journey or want to see what a Rapha Journey can look like, this is a great place for you! This evening is an open forum for men to come as you are. There is no pressure to come with an issue/question/agenda… you are very welcome to simply join us.