Rapha Journey

RAPHA (Hebrew): to repair, restore, make whole.

Rapha is not just about healing… this journey is about becoming whole. God promises that He can bring lasting wholeness in every area of our lives, transforming us from our inner spirit outward. It is up to each of us to decide if we will partner with Him to become more of the true person we are created to be.


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Upcoming Events:

Rapha Men’s Weekend Away

Life-giving Authority: Cleansing the Past, Exploring God’s Perspective and Growing the New

When: July 22nd-24th (begins Friday at 7pm & concludes Sunday at 1pm)
Where: Luccock Park Camp in Paradise Valley, near Pine Creek Cafe and KOA. For map and directions visit: Luccock.org
Cost: $135 – Includes lodging, weekend program & 6 hearty meals. The cost is all inclusive and there is no partial fee attendance. We do ask that everyone stay overnight. Anyone with financial difficulties, scholarships are available, please contact us at rapha@journeyweb.net or 406-922-0190.
Registration: Register online here, email rapha@journeyweb.net or call 406-922-0190.

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Many of us have been very troubled by issues of authority. Perhaps we’ve been hurt by those who have exercised authority in an unsafe way. While others of us have struggled with giving God His rightful authority in our lives. Maybe we’ve been taught that God doesn’t intend for some men to have any authority; or maybe we feel like over years of trying to keep peace and avoid conflict, or for other reasons we have lost our voice?

In this workshop we will explore what it looks like for us to be made in God’s image and have the authority to create safe relationships, to make wise choices, to give life-giving leadership to others and to move in spiritual gifting. We will also spend some time letting go of times when authority has been used in a damaging way in our lives, or perhaps even when we have been part of doing the same with others.

Dr. Peter Holmes will be leading this weekend, with the support of Dr Derry Long, and testimonies. There will be a great deal of free time to walk, hike, fish, shoot… or just stop. Take in the amazing scenery of the camps beautiful location, while utilizing all that space and beauty to unpack all the Lord is currently sharing with you.. In addition, there will be diagnostics and support for any who have particular issues to address.

Lodging: The cabins are rustic yet comfortable. Each cabin has multiple twin and/or bunk beds so there will be several men to a cabin. There are two bathhouses with all the amenities (including showers with hot water.)

Food: Each meal is home-made by the Luccock cook and is included in the cost. If you have special dietary needs, please let us know and they will make arrangements.

Activities: Basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, hiking, mountain biking, clay target shooting, archery, fishing (Pine Creek and Yellowstone River.)
We will be going to Buffalo Ranch Sporting Clays to shoot sporting clays between the afternoon and evening sessions on Saturday if you are interested. Bring your own shotgun or there will be some to use. We will have 12 and 20 gauge shells available.

What to bring: Sleeping bag, pillow, towels & personal items. There is a general store that does have toiletries, soda, water, etc. but you may bring your own drinks and snacks. Feel free to bring your mountain bike, fishing gear, shotgun or bow as well! Check out Luccock.org for more details.

No Alcohol or smoking on the Luccock Park Camp ground.

Rapha Women’s Workshop: The Illusion of control, Part 2

When: Wednesday, July 27th from 6:30-9pm

Where: The Commons at Baxter & Love
Cost: Free! (A freewill offering will be taken during the workshop.) 

Registration: Register online here, email rapha@journeyweb.net or call 406-922-0190.

How would you like to let go of those parts of you that strive to stay in control in an unhealthy way AND to welcome the healthy aspects of control that God intend for all of us?

In this women’s workshop we will be focusing on the ‘how – to’. We will explore how so many of us become entangled with layers of unhealthy control. You will learn how to recognize its signs in your life, how to minimize the impact it has on others and of course how to be able to let it go.

We will consider what the transition looks like from tightly gripping situations (and people!) to being able to trust them to the Lord and live with a healthier sense of our own responsibility. We will look at how to find healing from the damage resulting from those moments in your history where you might have found yourself powerless. And we will ask the question; ‘what are the best responses for us to use when it feels like someone around us is too controlling?’

This is a follow-up session to a workshop held in June. Everyone is welcome. If you would like to listen to the first workshop prior to attending to this one, please contact Jenn at jenn.walker@journeyweb.net.